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There are three stages, including Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, to provide children aged 2-7 with the most natural and efficient way to learn Chinese and Mandarin.

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The GAPSK AI is designed to teach students with their aptitude. Children can choose the appropriate level and learning goals according to their strengths and learning progress. Through continuous learning, children can make ongoing progress, break the boundaries of grades, and comprehensively improve their learning efficiency in the golden age of learning.

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The development of children is a gradual process, and learning is also affected by the laws of growth and development. GAPSK AInspire starts with real-life examples and extends to the family, school, community and nature. Guide children step by step and stimulate their interest in learning Chinese and Mandarin. In addition to learning language knowledge, children can also develop adaptability, personality, and values to acquire appreciation and respect from expressing individuals' opinions and feelings.

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