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Copyright, Privacy and Rules of GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System

GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System (hereinafter referred to as "GAPSK AInspire"), GAPSK Live (hereinafter referred to as "Live")) is developed and owned by the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee. For GAPSK AInspire products and Live services, the following terms, policies, and usage rules are also applicable to the corresponding services and products of GAPSK AInspire and GAPSK Live.

1. Copyright Terms and Statement

All content in GAPSK AInspire (including but not limited to all appearances, designs, text, images, graphic images, photos, animations, App software, etc.) is the copyright of the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee.


Except for browsing, reviewing or using this product for personal use only after purchase, all materials shall not be copied, copied, distributed, published, published, published, displayed, executed, modified unless prior written authorization from the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee , Upload or transmit any content of GAPSK AInspire, or create derivative works of GAPSK AInspire on this basis/or use any content of GAPSK AInspire in any other way, nor sell or solicit any content for sale/or allow third parties to browse related content Or use relevant content to build any database.


All teaching materials (including free and paid content) displayed through GAPSK AInspire, including but not limited to text, photos, videos, sound recordings, images and any other content, are subject to copyright and/or owned by GAPSK AInspire and/or other third parties. Protection of other patent rights. You agree to be bound by the relevant laws of Hong Kong and any other jurisdictions in which you are browsing the website on copyright, trademark rights, portrait rights and privacy rights.


The GAPSK A.Inspire song part is provided by Hong Kong Wanhai Language Publishing House Co., Ltd. under the Creative Commons (CC) license, and uses GAPSK AInspire's original lyrics, images and characters for rearrangement, creation and construction. Songs and animations can be viewed on GAPSK YouTube channel for free for the public to enjoy.


If you violate any of the above terms, you may be disqualified by GAPSK AInspire, including the suspension of any remaining services, the fees paid will not be refunded, and may be subject to fines and other penalties. This product reserves the right to pursue any violation of the above terms and any hacking or illegal interference with this website through legal channels.

2. Privacy Policy

We promise to provide the best service and respect the privacy of personal data, and we will abide by the data protection principle and the relevant provisions of the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" in the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China .


After purchasing GAPSK AInspire and paying all related fees, you agree to GAPSK AInspire's collection and use of your personal information, and GAPSK AInspire to send you the latest news and preferential information. GAPSK AInspire will strive to protect your personal information and will collect and use your personal information in accordance with the "Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance" and the GAPSK Privacy Policy.


We will not leak your personal information, provide/sell your personal information to third parties for any form of use.


We may collect various information, including your name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, etc., in order for us to fulfill your request or order, for confirmation or notification purposes. If you do not provide the relevant personal information, we will not be able to process your request or order.


We will use relevant personal information to help create, develop, operate, provide and improve our products, services, content and advertising. We may also use your personal data to send important notices from time to time, such as communications about purchasing products, modifying our terms or policies, and important reminders.

3. Payment method

You can use a variety of payment methods to purchase GAPSK AInspire, including credit card, WeChat payment, Alipay, FPS, bank transfer, cash, cheque, online payment platform and bank monthly contribution plan, etc. All fees are in Hong Kong dollars Calculation. You agree to provide correct and complete information to confirm the opening of the GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System. The fee you pay means that you accept all the terms and conditions under this agreement. GAPSK AInspire also reserves the right to amend the following terms and conditions from time to time.

4. Rules of Use

The user name and password you have obtained from GAPSK AInspire, you agree not to provide the user name and password to anyone. If you find that your username and password have been used or disclosed without authorization, please notify GAPSK AInspire immediately so that appropriate security measures can be taken and a new username and password can be provided to you.


In order to cooperate with the GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System, please download the GAPSK AInspire App first and start the App. After activation, please enter the required registration information, including name, birthday, phone number, email and other information. To use the GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System, you must have a smart phone or tablet ( Android/iOS) and a stable network, software and hardware (including microphones, speakers, cameras, etc.) for learning.

Since the GAPSK AInspire App will record the child's learning progress, class records and grades, this App cannot be transferred to other children.

Children need to learn step by step according to the system to maximize the effect. Learning content includes online classes, online learning videos, picture books, workbooks, word cards, teaching aids, etc.

Parents are requested to contact the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee to make an appointment for their children's 1 to 1 online tutoring, and start the class on time according to the appointment time. If there is no appointment, absence from class, or failure to follow the guidance of the system, the expected results may not be achieved.

Parents play an important role in the system, and parental participation is particularly important. Please encourage, promote and assist children to achieve better learning results, such as participating in parent-child exercises, booking classes in advance, and reminding children to attend classes on time.

At the end of each category, there will be an assessment that needs to be completed. It is divided into two parts. One part is completed by yourself in the GAPSK AInspire App, and the other part will be completed by the enlightenment tutor in the 1-to-1 online class. The assessment reflects the student's learning progress. After the assessment is completed, a report will be provided to the parents to let the parents understand the child's strengths and weaknesses and targeted improvements. Parents can purchase additional learning services and products according to the student's progress.

Each level is suitable for the corresponding grade and age. Parents can choose the corresponding stage of learning or can choose more than one stage of learning at the same time. GAPSK AInspire does not promise that each product is most suitable for that age, nor does it guarantee whether it is the best Learning methods and learning effects of each child, but we will try our best to help your child achieve results, and will provide appropriate comments and suggestions.

Each course has a certain degree of flexibility. Parents can arrange the progress of the study by themselves. The speed of the progress depends on the arrangement of the parents. Children can choose to skip the level.

After completing a level of the system course, a GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System Completion Certificate will be provided. We encourage parents to allow their children to participate in other GAPSK activities, increase their exposure to other activities, enhance their own learning and exchange experience, and obtain official evaluations by taking GAPSK exams.

It is recommended that the entire set of GAPSK AInspire Enlightenment Learning System be completed within the standard time. The first-to-one online tutoring must be used within 9 months from the start date. The class will automatically expire 9 months after the start date. GAPSK AInspire will not Refunds will be made to the number of unused lessons.

If you need to purchase additional tutoring, please contact GAPSK course consultant at 3977-1550

5. Enlightenment 1 to 1 tutoring terms and conditions:
Tutorial lessons cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to others for use, and no refunds will be given to unused lessons.

If you need to change the tutoring time, you must notify 48 hours before the class to make arrangements, and there are only 3 opportunities to change. If the class time is changed within 48 hours before class, it cannot be changed. If you fail to attend on time, you will be deemed to have abandoned the original class and you need to make a new appointment.

Due to other force majeure factors that cause you to fail to complete the tutorial, our classroom will try our best to arrange a supplementary lesson for you so as not to affect the course progress.

GAPSK AInspire reserves the right to cancel the class at any time by sending you a written notice (including email) before the start of the relevant class, or change the course content, tutor, class date and time when necessary. GAPSK AInspire will try to arrange for you to make up the lesson. According to the above class changes, you will not get a refund for the above adjustments.

GAPSK AInspire will have the final right of interpretation and decision on the above terms and conditions.

Applicable law

You agree that these copyright terms, terms of use and privacy policy are exclusively governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China, and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China. Despite the above provisions, it does not prevent the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee from filing a lawsuit in any court for infringement of its intellectual property rights.


The contract between you and GAPSK AInspire and the execution of any disputes (including non-contractual disputes) and disputes resulting therefrom are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China and are subject to arbitration in Hong Kong courts. If there are circumstances that are not mentioned in the terms and details of this agreement, we reserve the right to take any action that we believe is reasonable and fair.



If you have any questions about our services and products, please email to: to contact us.


We will update the GAPSK AInspire copyright terms, privacy policy and usage rules from time to time. The latest updated version is the version effective from September 1, 2020.

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