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GAPSK Teaching Development Committee

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GAPSK Language Promotion Council

Being a Non-profit organization, GAPSK Language Promotion Committee advocates Mandarin and Chinese education and has organized many large-scale language promotions and cultural exchange activities, including lectures, presentations, training, etc., for many years. Besides that, the Committee has cooperated with many parties to promote further the development of language and Chinese culture, which has become an important platform to foster Chinese and Mandarin in Greater China.

In order to improve local Chinese and Putonghua proficiency, GAPSK specifically established a Teaching Development Committee to provide teacher training and services to schools and faculty teams. Many academic seminars, mentor training classes, teacher exchange groups, and school-live lectures have been held. Many authoritative experts were invited to share teaching skills and learning methods at these activities. GAPSK has been committed to providing teachers with opportunities for self-enhancement and providing students with academic supports of Chinese Mandarin. 

The GAPSK Examination Committee and the Institute of Language Education of Peking University developed the GAPSK Putonghua Proficiency Test. It is an examination set up to examine the standard and proficiency of the mastery and use of Putonghua by kindergarten and primary and middle school students. It is also the only approved organization approved by the Ministry of Education Chinese Mandarin proficiency test items. Over the past ten years, it has served more than a thousand primary and secondary schools and kindergartens. It has been praised and trusted by schools, parents, and society. It is an excellent brand of education.

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Honor and Academic Advisory Panel


Dr. Fang Runhua


Professor Yang Guang

  • Chairman of the Fang Shufutang Foundation

  • Honorary Director of Shanghai Jiaotong University

  • A famous philanthropist

  • Former Director of the Pragmatics Department of the Chinese National Language Commission and Ministry of Education

  • Former Deputy Director of Hanban

  • Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government


Professor Cui Xiliang


Professor Chen Zhangtai

  • President of Beijing Language and Culture University

  • Vice President of World Chinese Language Teaching Association

  • President of Beijing Language Association

  • Researcher, Institute of Language Applications, National Language Commission

  • President of China Applied Linguistics Society

  • Former Deputy Director and Secretary-General of the National Language Commission


Maisy Ho


Professor Zhang Dan

  • Standing Committee Member of Liaoning Province, Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

  • Honorary University Fellow of The University of Hong Kong

  • Former Chairman of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and member of the Advisory Board

  • Director of New Asia College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Fong Shu Fook Tong Fund Advisor

  • Research Committee Member, Center for Women's Studies, Kyoto University

  • Chief Academic Advisor of GAPSK


Professor Wu, Zhipan

  • Former Executive Vice President of Peking University

  • Vice Chairman of Peking University Education Foundation


Dr. Cheng Muzhi


  • Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Education Commission

  • Former Chairman of Free Kindergarten Education Committee

  • Director and Chairman of the School Council of Hang Seng University of Hong Kong


Cai Kegang Lawyer


  • Director of City University

  • Director of St. Paul's Co-educational High School

  • Director of True Light Middle School and True Light Book College


Professor Wen Rumin

  • Director of the Institute of Chinese Education, Peking University

  • Chief Editor of Chinese Textbook for Primary and Secondary Schools, Ministry of Education

  • Former Dean of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Peking University


Professor Xie Xiaoqing

  • Former Director of Education Measurement Institute, Beijing Language and Culture University

  • Vice Chairman of the Statistical Measurement Branch of the National Education Society


Mr. Fang Man Hung


  • CPPCC National Committee

  • Honorary Trustee of Peking University

  • Member of the Standing Committee of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

  • Honorary Fellow of the City University of Hong Kong


Dr.He Guoxiang

  • Former Deputy Dean of the School of Language Education, Hong Kong Education Department (Chinese)

  • Former Head of the Chinese Department of The Education University of Hong Kong

  • Director of Mandarin Training and Testing Center


Professor Shan Zhouyao

  • Honorary Professor of the Chinese School of The University of Hong Kong

  • Vice President (Academic) and Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Hong Kong Nang Yan College


Professor Che Hongsheng

  • Professor of Beijing Normal University

  • Former Director of Psychological Test Professional Committee of Chinese Psychological Association


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