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"Discover children's talents, promote overall personal development  

Education expertise will thrive your children to a bright future"



The GAPSK AI is under a structure with a bird's nest constructed by one core assessment, three stages, five categories, and nine applications. Through the natural learning method, children start from themselves and extend step by step to family, school, community,  nature, and each layer is embedded in an adjacent one. Starting from kindergarten, adjacent layers will interact with each other and affect the children's future. Like the Ecological Systems Theory proposed by Child Psychology Expert Urie Bronfenbrenner, every learning section links to each other, which aids in the perfect planning of children's personalized learning process, and comprehensively helping children master knowledge gradually towards a successful future.



Core assessment

Through the authoritative standard of the Putonghua Proficiency Test for Kindergarten, jointly developed by the Institute of Chinese Language Education of Peking University and approved by the Ministry of Education of China, and a better understanding of children's strengths and weaknesses and improve their learning efficiency.



With appropriate response and guidance, children will develop their language ability from exploration to application and get master step by step. 





Children's language development starts from themselves then extends to family, school, community, and nature, which are linked to each other and together build up a positive mindset.



Through mini-games, music, 1 on 1 tutoring, and other learning tools, we can create a unique learning environment and develop children's language ability under appropriate guidance.

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