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Using AI technology, cover vocabulary training and evaluation, live interactive videos and books. Master knowledge through more listening, singing, and talking to inspire children's interest in learning.

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AI interactive video


Interactive picture books and flashcards

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Magic Pen

Unlike the traditional one-way video, the new interactive game learning video is used to learn.

The combination of GAPSK Inspiration App function with storybooks makes learning more visualized.  Additionally,  flashcards with realistic illustrations and native speakers' exercises allow children to practice anytime, anywhere and increase the understanding of words.

Improve your listening, reading and speaking skills by listening to stories, dialogues, recitations and nursery rhymes.


​Extended Learning Workbook


Thematic learning

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Music Enlightenment

Storybooks with lifelike and interesting plots infiltrate various extended exercises, including life norms, identification and observation, logical thinking and reasoning imagination, etc.

The curriculum includes self-awareness and emotions, family and school, love of nature, perception of life, and community. Children learn from knowing themselves to knowing the environment, thus, guiding them to express themselves in most daily life situations.

The enjoyable atmosphere with beautiful melody will arouse children's interest in learning Mandarin through singing. Repetition of lyrics helps them memorize content spontaneously.

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