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GAPSK AI provides children aged 2-7 with the most natural and efficient way to learn Chinese and Mandarin and comprehensively improves children's learning effectiveness during the golden period of language. It also makes children thrive in language learning, cognition, and thinking and promotes their overall personal development.


During the golden period of language acquisition

The early childhood stage is the critical period of brain development (Critical Period Hypothesis) and is also the best language and culture acquisition period. The famous linguist Dr. Eric Lenneberg said, "The important stage of learning a second language starts from early childhood." Before the age of 8, there is a large outburst of neurons in young children's brains. It is essential to establish a good foundation for the development of cognition, language and physical abilities.

GAPSK 3D Learning Environment

The GAPSK AI creates a 3D learning environment for children full of sensory stimulation and fun auxiliary games to arouse children's independent learning, thinking and problem-solving abilities. The goal is to improve language skills, cognitive ability, social skills, and physical & emotional development. It follows the Montessori theory which says, "The sensory system is the beginning of the connection between the brain and the external environment." Through the 3D learning experience, "AI App(1 on 1 tutoring )", children can improve their language skills step by step and enlighten their talents.


5A Upgrade Teaching Method

To help children lay a good foundation in Chinese and Mandarin as earlier as possible, the GAPSK Teaching Development Committee developed the GAPSK AI for children aged 2-7 based on the pre-school education guidelines of the Hong Kong Education Bureau. With 5A upgrade learning "Establishment and Motivation," Participation and Exploration," and "Application and Improvement" as the primary educational planning, with online and offline learning and guidance, it can better stimulate children's interest in learning and improve learning efficiency. The natural environment strives for children's language, thinking, and spiritual development to lay a solid foundation in Chinese.

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